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At the Sundance Film Festival this year, they're showing a film entiled "Alive Inside." This film   
is a documentary about the rehabilitative aspect of music in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease.
As part of the film, the following segment documents the story of Henry:   The Power Of Music  


"Our group can't resist dancing to music of the Mixed Nuts... looking forward to next time..."
Lisa Butterfield
Recreational Director
West Jordan Senior Center

"The residents keep asking, 'When are the Mixed Nuts coming back?' They're the greatest."
Vikki Vlasis
Recreation Director
South Towne Ranch

"The music of the Mixed Nuts is fantastic and the commentary in between the songs is engaging, interactive and appropriate. We can't wait to have them back!"
Wendy Thomas, Manager
South Jordan Community Center

"It's very clear that these fine musicians love what they do and do it out of love. Because of the 'reaching out' of the band, our residents are not merely casual listeners but emotional participants in the experience."
Matthew Hope
Parklane Retirement Center

Comments heard at Coventry Retirement Center:
"Come again soon. We love your dance music very much!"
"You're the greatest!"
"Better than Vegas. Wonderful program."
"Put together a group of semi-senior musicians and the old classic songs and you have a winning combo."
"What a wonderful entertaining evening."
"I only wish you could be here more often."

Comments heard at Sunrise At Holladay:
"You are my favorite Sunrise entertainment!"
"Now that is music and it's performed exceptionally well!"
"You are extra extra ordinary, and we look forward to your visits!"
"Your band is exceptional - great voices and personalities!"
"You're the best live entertainment we have!"
"I feel livelier after your visits!"
"Enjoyed your selection of tunes."

Comments heard at Atria Retirement Center:
"I love your 40's songs!"
"Your musicians are great!! I hope we can see a lot more of you in the future."
"It's good to hear music that I remember from WWII - we could dance to it!"
"Thanks for bringing so much happiness here today!"
"What a great fun band - thanks for so much fun!"
"Wonderful, wonderful, great!"
"You brought back memories of dances at the Rainbow Ballroom and Lagoon, where I enjoyed evenings with my favorite boyfriend & husband, Paul."
"Perfection! Come back to Atria soon!"

Comments heard at Highland Cove Retirement:
"We really need your wonderful enthusiasm, personalities, and level of ability. Very professional."
"Fun, fun, fun!! Come back!"
"The Mixed Nuts are WONDERFUL!!"